Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Day 14

Weigh in day today.


Quaker Oats Porridge 4PP
1/4 pnt if Skimmed Milk 1PP


1 Square Wrap 4PP
3 Slices of Waver thin Chicken 1PP
Lettace and Tomato and Onion 0PP
Mayo 1PP
WW Chicken Crisps 2PP
WW Yoghurt 1PP


90g King Prawns 3PP
WW Tikka Sauce 2PP
Vegetables 2PP
60g Pasta 6PP
WW Strawberry and Vanilla Dessert 2PP

Dailies Used 26/26
Weeklies Used 3/ 21
Activity Points 0/5

Tonight was weigh in and i lost 2.5lb this week on 26PP a day. Tomorrow is 3rd week on 26pp. Good Luck me.

1 comment:

  1. Well done and good luck!

    You're doing fab Hunni - keep it up and get your PMA on!! :o) xx