Sunday, 27 November 2011

Day 10


WW Yogurt 1PP
Banana and Orange 0PP


Square Wrap 4PP
60g Asda Lighter Mozerella 3PP
1 Slice lean Bacon all fat removed 1PP
Onion & Mushroom 0PP
30g Onion and Garlic Cream Cheese 1PP


Ok for dinner i had kept the rest of my dailies which was a total of 16 and then i had 47 weeklies left by today, i had kept these because wasnt sure if me and bf were going out to dinner, we didnt in the end but i stayed in and cooked so had a little bit of control over what we had, so last nights dinner and film snacks were

Chicken Breast oven cooked with chilli flakes and pepper 6PP
Jacket Potato 6PP
Sainsbury's Honey and Mustard ready made sauce 5PP
Mixed Vegetables - Carrots, Brocolli, Asparagus 0PP
WW Sticky Toffee Pudding 4PP
2 Glasses of Red Wine 9PP
Toffee Crisp 6PP

Dailies Used 26/26
Weeklies Used - 20/47 ( leaving me 27 weeklies left)

I know i had tried to resist the Toffee Crips but i just couldnt today and now there is only two left which i plan to eat as a sunday treat and then there will be one for a weigh in day treat. Also at the gym today i gained me 5PP. So these will be noted from tomorrow and only used if i really really need too.

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