Tuesday, 17 July 2012

17th July 2012

Today is going to be the first of a new blog, according to my last post it was about December last year, ooopppsss 7 months is a long time and i have to say it hasn't been a great 7 months, back at quare one and more on the weight front and not more determined than ever to sort myself out. Weigh in is wednesday and from wednesday onwards there will be a daily blog which will include daily eaten pp and any exercise. 

I have this week ( on monday 16th) started with a personal trainer which i will be seeing twice a week and then will be taking myself to the gym once on the weekend and am going to aim to swim on the other day of the weekend. Zumba will also be coming back into my life on a tuesday night.

I want to suceed this time round on the ww front and pro points.  I currently have 31pp per day along with 49 weeklie pp like everyone else. I thought 31pp was alot but i seem to be able to eat them at the moment, not sure what will happen when i have to drop points, but will cross that when i come to it.

My first mini goal is to get the last 7.5lb of my gain since i started back in march (as i said it hasnt been a sucessful re start) Once the 7.5lb has gone i can start marking my lbs off on my chart.

Heres to a good week after wednesday weigh in @7pm.