Tuesday, 17 July 2012

17th July 2012

Today is going to be the first of a new blog, according to my last post it was about December last year, ooopppsss 7 months is a long time and i have to say it hasn't been a great 7 months, back at quare one and more on the weight front and not more determined than ever to sort myself out. Weigh in is wednesday and from wednesday onwards there will be a daily blog which will include daily eaten pp and any exercise. 

I have this week ( on monday 16th) started with a personal trainer which i will be seeing twice a week and then will be taking myself to the gym once on the weekend and am going to aim to swim on the other day of the weekend. Zumba will also be coming back into my life on a tuesday night.

I want to suceed this time round on the ww front and pro points.  I currently have 31pp per day along with 49 weeklie pp like everyone else. I thought 31pp was alot but i seem to be able to eat them at the moment, not sure what will happen when i have to drop points, but will cross that when i come to it.

My first mini goal is to get the last 7.5lb of my gain since i started back in march (as i said it hasnt been a sucessful re start) Once the 7.5lb has gone i can start marking my lbs off on my chart.

Heres to a good week after wednesday weigh in @7pm.

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Week 3

Day 15

Last night was weigh in and whilst i lost 2.5lb on 26pp a day and 49 weeklies i am going to try dropping my weeklies just a little bit to start with, so this week it will be 40 weekly points.


1 Crumpet 2PP
Marmite 0PP
WW Fromage Frais 1PP


226g Jacket Potato 6PP
Cream Cheese Light 30g 1PP
Salad 0PP
Ham 2PP


Stuffed Butternut Squash (stuffed with 125g beef mince, tomatoes, onion) and topped with 30g Cheeses = 12PP
Veg 2PP

Dailies Used - 25/26
Weeklies Used 0/40

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Day 14

Weigh in day today.


Quaker Oats Porridge 4PP
1/4 pnt if Skimmed Milk 1PP


1 Square Wrap 4PP
3 Slices of Waver thin Chicken 1PP
Lettace and Tomato and Onion 0PP
Mayo 1PP
WW Chicken Crisps 2PP
WW Yoghurt 1PP


90g King Prawns 3PP
WW Tikka Sauce 2PP
Vegetables 2PP
60g Pasta 6PP
WW Strawberry and Vanilla Dessert 2PP

Dailies Used 26/26
Weeklies Used 3/ 21
Activity Points 0/5

Tonight was weigh in and i lost 2.5lb this week on 26PP a day. Tomorrow is 3rd week on 26pp. Good Luck me.

Day 13


30g Cornflakes 3PP
1/4 Pint Skimmed Milk 1PP
Banana 0PP


Square Wrap 4PP
Waver Thin Chicken 3 Slices 1PP
Salad 0PP
Extra Light Mayonaise 30g 1PP
WW Chicken Crisps 2PP
WW Fromage Frais 1PP



Dailies Used 13/26
Weeklies Used 0/21
Activity Points Used 0/5

Monday, 28 November 2011

Day 12


WW Yoghurt 1PP
Orange 0PP


Jacket Potato 6PP
Chive and Blackpepper Cream Cheese 30g 1PP
Veg 0PP
3 Slices of Wafer Thin Chicken 1PP


Stuffed Butternut Squash (made using 125g Beef Mince 6PP, Onion 0PP, Tinned Tomato 0PP, Garlic 0PP) = 6PP
Topped with 20g of Sainsbury's Mature Cheese = 3PP

Dailies Used 19/ 26
Weeklies Used 0/ 21
Activity Points Used 0/5

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Day 11


Apple and Blueberry Porridge 4PP
Mixed Berries 0PP


1 slice meduim white bread 3PP
1 Slice of sainsburys corned beef 2PP
Cheese and Onion Crisps from multi pack 3PP
Tomato 0PP


Prawn and Mushroom Curry (made using 1/2 Jar of ww Tikka Sauce (3PP), 4 Mushrooms (0PP), 7 King Prawns (2PP) ) = 5PP

Served with 60g Chicken Flaoured Batcholers Rice 6PP
Veg 0PP

WW Strawberry and Vanilla Dessert 3PP

Whilst watching the final Harry Potter Film 1 x Toffee Crisp 6PP. Also whilst watching the film, i'm planning meals for tomorrow.

Dailes Used - 26/26
Weeklies Used - 6/27 (leaving me 21 for the rest of the week)
Activity Points Used - 0/5

Day 10


WW Yogurt 1PP
Banana and Orange 0PP


Square Wrap 4PP
60g Asda Lighter Mozerella 3PP
1 Slice lean Bacon all fat removed 1PP
Onion & Mushroom 0PP
30g Onion and Garlic Cream Cheese 1PP


Ok for dinner i had kept the rest of my dailies which was a total of 16 and then i had 47 weeklies left by today, i had kept these because wasnt sure if me and bf were going out to dinner, we didnt in the end but i stayed in and cooked so had a little bit of control over what we had, so last nights dinner and film snacks were

Chicken Breast oven cooked with chilli flakes and pepper 6PP
Jacket Potato 6PP
Sainsbury's Honey and Mustard ready made sauce 5PP
Mixed Vegetables - Carrots, Brocolli, Asparagus 0PP
WW Sticky Toffee Pudding 4PP
2 Glasses of Red Wine 9PP
Toffee Crisp 6PP

Dailies Used 26/26
Weeklies Used - 20/47 ( leaving me 27 weeklies left)

I know i had tried to resist the Toffee Crips but i just couldnt today and now there is only two left which i plan to eat as a sunday treat and then there will be one for a weigh in day treat. Also at the gym today i gained me 5PP. So these will be noted from tomorrow and only used if i really really need too.